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The Von Bondies - Pawn Shoppe Heart
Label: Reprise Records
Release: 2004

1. No Regrets
2. Broken Man
3. C'mon C'mon
4. Tell Me What You See
5. Been Swank
6. Mairead
7. Not That Social
8. Crawl Through The Darkness
9. The Fever
10. Right Of Way
11. Poison Ivy
12. Pawn Shoppe Heart

Pawn Shoppe Heart - The Von Bondies
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This Von Bondies disc is straight up rock. It is very across the board rock, paying homage to such classic acts as the Doors, the B52ís, Kiss, and U2. It also has a lot of blues influence on it. Itís a fast-paced collage of songs that will surely not leave you bored, and they wonít fade into the background of whatever youíre doing, they keep your attention and make you want to hear it uninterrupted. The music here is not complex or groundbreaking, but rather like a polished version of your old scattered silver that you adore. It fits like a glove and isnít going to make you think or feel, itíll just make you move and groove along to the sounds of this montage of a band rocking out. Itís a proverbial familiar song and dance, but one you never get tired of singing and dancing to.

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