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Snow Patrol - Final Straw
Label: A&M Records
Release: 2003

1. How To Be Dead
2. Wow
3. Gleaming Auction
4. Whatever's Left
5. Spitting Games
6. Chocolate
7. Run
8. Grazed Knees
9. Ways & Means
10. Tiny Little Fractures
11. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking
12. Same

Final Straw - Snow Patrol
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This is a record that is pure goodness, the songs are so wonderfully put together and thought out that they are practically flawless, the is due to great production value, but more importantly, a band that knows what it is doing with their instruments. There is definite, I liken to such other bands as Kill Hannah and Placebo, but with a singer that is more tolerable than the other bands, but they definitely have their own style and own substance as well. Iím at a loss why this band isnít more known, they are radio quite radio friendly, but more importantly, they just rock!

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