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Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
Label: Polygram Records
Release: 1976

Angel From The Coast
Running Back
Romeo and the Lonely Girl
The Boys Are Back In Town
Fight or Fall
Cowboy Song

Jailbreak - Thin Lizzy
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Probably Lizzy's most well-known effort, mainly thanks to the selection of highly popular cuts on here, including theirsignature "The Boys Are Back In Town". However, this signature song takes a beating from a fair few songs on here. BoysAre Back in Town is a good song, with a solid riff - however, I probably wouldn't rate it amongst Lizzy's classic songs.There are couple of Lizzy songs here that are certainly Lizzy classics though, and they both bookend the album. The titletrack is a pretty straightforward rocker, and the riff is excellent, and as catchy as hell. Great chorus and mid-sectiontoo - overall, it's an excellent cut from Lizzy.

However, it's no match for the blinding album closer that is "Emerald". This, along with "Black Rose" off of said album, are the absolute centre-point of the irish-tinged Lizzy sound - and they're both classic Lizzy songs. The song runs on it'srolling rhythm, and Brian Downey's huge-sounding drums, and another one of those classic harmonic guitar sections. And, ofcourse, Lynott is permanently on, with his rock-solid bass and excellent vocals often making some of the songs - this isespecially true of "Running Back" - Lynott's vocals are perfect for the song, which is another one of the album's highpoints.

Some of the songs though, don't really match up. I already mentioned "The Boys Are Back In Town" and now i'm going to mention another well-known Lizzy song, by the name of "Cowboy Song". In my opinion, it's just too god-damned corny. The guitar riffs, the lyrics...everything. It's not often i'd say that about Thin Lizzy, but they really take the cake on this one - it's certainly the worst on the album. "Angel From The Coast" isn't that great either, and "Romeo and the LonelyGirl" passes on with little interest until you reach the fabulous guitar solo.

However, the next two songs are very good indeed. The heavy-rocking and pounding "Warriors" is classic Lizzy - rumblingrhythm and exploding guitar abound, with a side helping of attitude. Lizzy doing what they did best. In contrast, the album's softest song, "Fight or Fall" is another excellent track - wonderful chorus, with a great guitar lead, and I reallylike Lynott on this one - he always delivers an excellent vocal, and he doesn't disappoint here

I have to dock a couple of points for some of the album's poorer records, but "Jailbreak" is worthy of a respectable 7. The good moments on the album far outweigh the bad. And the album has "Emerald", which is arguably Lizzy's best song. So, it gets the high 7 mark from me.

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haha. i like this album. thin lizzy is a cool band, but in a dumb way. these song's aren't catchy really, but they're cock rock? some of the riffs are catchy, and you can tell it took a long time to put these songs together.

the best part is this is a concept album. about breaking out of jail. in space. i love this album.

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