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Drake Bell - Telegraph
Label: Nine Yards Records
Release: 2005

1 Intro
2 Found a Way
3 Circles
4 Somehow
5 In the End
6 Don’t Preach
7 Hollywood Girl
8 Golden Days
9 Down We Fall
10 The Backhouse
11 Highway to Nowhere
12 Telegraph

Telegraph - Drake Bell
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Filled with intensity and wise beyond his 19 years, Drake Bell’s lust for life nostalgic is surpassed only by his musical talents; singing, songwriting and guitar playing.
The CD kicks off with “I Found a Way” the theme song to his hit television show, Drake and Josh. An upbeat pop tune that might be mistakenly dismissed solely as kiddie fodder, its appeal is multi-generational. Tucked away in this lively melody is a revelation of self-assuredness “no one cares what you give/you know you gotta live like you wanna live”
Go for it.

With “Somehow”, Drake moves beyond melodic and melancholy with a haunting strength so lacking in music today. “And all that she could take/ lies at the bottom of a lake”, impresses a soul stirring image of a tortured psyche wrestling with the commission of a grave transgression, from which “she fell to her knees/ screaming God please” begging for absolution.
As a spokesperson for this generation, Drake Bell has the intelligence, passion and talent to take us all back to a better time, and to move us forward with anticipation and fond memories.
Which brings me to “Golden Days”.

”These are the golden days/ in this golden age that we’re living”, where is the video for this one?? This is a truly ‘golden’ song, that just makes you feel warm all over… it’s summer time again, and I’m cruising with the top down…

From there, Bell flows effortlessly into the brilliant Beatles homage “Down We Fall”. Enough said.
I have been touched and amazed; this entire album is a reckoning for this and the next generation of musicians. There isn’t a bad song on the CD.

And finally, the heart wrenching lyrics Drake belts out in “Telegraph” the CD’s title track, harkens back yet again to a timeless musical era and wraps things up quite nicely.
Drake Bell is going places.
Don’t miss out.

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