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Longview - Mercury
Label: 14th Floor Records
Release: 2003

1. Further
2. Can't Explain
3. Electricity
4. When You Sleep
5. If You Asked
6. I Would
7. Nowhere
8. Falling for you
9. Falling without you
10. Still
11. Will you wait here
12. This is

Mercury - Longview
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This album is collection of love songs done by a band that isnít going to change the face of music or be remembered for any groundbreaking. This album isnít totally without merit though, the songs are strong, convincing and pleasant to listen to, just donít expect too much variation, they are all pretty much the same format and at time hard to tell apart, this is the downside of this album and cannot be ignored. Although Longview seems competent in musicianship, maybe the musicians could learn to be a little less rigid, loosen up a little and experiment, I think they would be capable of great things if they did this.

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