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Iggy Pop - A Million Prizes, The Iggy Pop Anthology
Label: Virgin Records
Release: 2005

(disc 1)
1. 1969
2. No Fun
3. I Wanna Be Your Dog
4. Down on the Street
5. I Got a Right
6. Gimme Some Skin
7. I'm Sick of You
8. Search and Destroy
9. Gimme Danger
10. Raw Power
11. Kill City
12. Nightclubbing
13. Funtime
14. China Girl
15. Sister Midnight
16. Tonight
17. Success
18. Lust for Life
19. The Passenger

(disc 2)

1. Some Weird Sin
2. I'm Bored
3. I Need More
4. Pleasure
5. Run Like a Villain
6. Cry for Love
7. Real Wild Child (Wild One)
8. Cold Metal
9. Home
10. Candy
11. Well Did You Evah!
12. Wild America
13. TV Eye (Live at Feile Festival, 8/23/93)
14. Loose (Live at Feile Festival, 8/23/93)
15. Look Away
16. Corruption
17. I Felt the Luxury
18. Mask
19. Skull Ring

A Million Prizes, The Iggy Pop Anthology - Iggy Pop
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If you have heard an Iggy Pop song here and there and liked it, you probably have been like me and never really thought of buying any of his albums when you went shopping for discs, but like it or not, this artist has been around for a while and you’ve probably heard some of his songs and not even known who he was until someone told you the name of the guy who does “that song”. A million prizes is an anthology of sorts, and encompasses the impressive body of work of an enigmatic artist, it’s simple a showmanship of an artist you never eve knew you knew.

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