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Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation
Label: Sanctuary / Castle
Release: 1969

Journey Through A Burning Brain
Cold Smoke
Ashes to Ashes
Electronic Meditation - Tangerine Dream
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Edgar Froese and his merry men get off to a horrible start with this 1969 record...although, really, you couldn't haveexpected much else. This is TD at their most embryonic - I don't think that any person who played on this one, bar Froese, stayed for the next record. Although there are some interesting names there - fellow Krautrock kingpin Klaus Schulze plays drums on this album.

The fact that Edgar Froese and Klaus Schulze are on the same album though, doesn't mean that the record is good. In fact,it's terrible - basically, it's a collection of aimless, unmemorable psychedelic jams with a very loose-fitting concept.The only moments on the album come on the overlong "Journey Through A Burning Brain". The band finally manage to create ahalf-decent mood with the Farfisa, and there's a massive heavy part somewhere near the end. The bad thing is, you'll actually have to listen to the record properly to notice these parts, seeing as the production is absolutely atrocious (This is no surprise, seeing as the album was made in a day in a Berlin warehouse)...the record sounds like it was recordedon a Fisher Price kids stereo, and then played down the phone into the recording studio - it's pretty easily theworst-produced record in my collection.

The music doesn't help - The moments I just described on "Journey Through A Burning Brain" are the only real redeeming moments...other "songs" like "Cold Smoke" and "Resurrection" are completely unmemorable, and "Journey Through A Burning Brain" itself is utterly offensive, with a 12-minute running time. Thankfully, the record is short - you'll only waste half an hour of your life by listening to this album, which is certainly better than wasting an hour of your lifelistening to "Calling All Stations" by Genesis.

In conclusion though, don't buy this record. If you're one of those who likes to go chronologically through an artist'scatalogue, then i'd advise that you make an exception with this one - just go for "Phaedra" or "Stratosfear" instead. It'sonly real service is similar to that of "Metal Machine Music" - it's important as a musical document, but utterly worthlessas an album.

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