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Diamond Nights - Popsicle
Label: Kemado Records
Release: 2005

1. Destination Diamonds
2. Saturday Fantastic
3. Drip Drip
4. It's A Shokka
5. Red Hex
6. The Girl's Attractive
7. Beyond The City Of Love
8. Snakey Ruth
9. Dirty Thief
10. Needle In The Rice
11. A Kiss To Tell
12. Ordinary Life

Popsicle - Diamond Nights
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Diamond Nightís Popsicle is a testosterone overload of a Cd, it encompasses cock rock that isnít glamorous or interesting, just cheesy and sexual, it has an almost indie lo-fi production to it, and I think this adds to the retro sound. The songs arenít at all catchy, even though you can tell they tried to make a ďfunĒ record, they failed miserably, itís just a mess of songs that you really wonít want to listen to again unless you are into thoughtless, generic sounding music.

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