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Foo Fighters - In Your Honor
Label: RCA Records
Release: 2005

1. In Your Honor
2. No Way Back
3. Best Of You
4. Doa
5. Hell
6. The Last Song
7. Free Me
8. Resolve
9. The Deepest Blues Are Black
10. End Over End
11. Still
12. What If I Do?
13. Miracle
14. Another Round
15. Friend Of A Friend
16. Over And Out
17. On The Mend
18. Virginia Moon
19. Cold Day In The Sun
20. Razor

In Your Honor - Foo Fighters
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Foo Fighterís In your Honor is by far their longest album to date, with 2 discs filled to the brim with Dave Grohl and Companyís magic. Perhaps this is the downfall of the CD, the Foo Fighters donít seem to be the kind of band that can hold your interest for that long on an entire album. After the first disc, which is filled with mostly with great rock songs in their own tradition, the 2nd disc is very sleepy and boring, the songs seem to have a sameness to them that just blends them into one very long repetition of EMO. Since this is a CD with 2 discs, and the first one is so good, and the 2nd one not as good as expected and is a bore, I can only rate this completely halfed.

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