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Radiohead - I Might be Wrong (live recordings)
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 2001

1. The National Anthem
2. I Might Be Wrong
3. Morning Bell
4. Like Spinning Plates
5. Idioteque
6. Everything In Its Right Place
7. Dollars And Cents
8. True Love Waits

I Might be Wrong (live recordings) - Radiohead
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I might be wrong is a collection of 8 songs performed live from the Kid A Ė Amnesiac era of Radioheadís career. The performances are painfully indigenous of the original recordings and really donít provide any twists and turns and different variations, though the band remains solid and focused on the music, and I guess thatís what counts, but then again Kid A and Amnesiac arenít the kinds of albums with songs you can really twist and bend into anything but what they already are. I guess what Iím trying to say is that it is a good recording, but could be a little longer and perhaps a little less rigid.

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