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Innaway - Innaway
Label: Some Record
Release: 2005

1. Threathawk
2. The Strings of North Egg
3. Tiny Brains
4. Rise
5. Fall
6. Follow Moon
7. Post FM
8. Golden
9. Stolen Days
10. George Walker On Water

Innaway - Innaway
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This is another sleepy little record that is going to trance you into being catatonic and possibly lull you to sleep with its melodies. It seems to feel a bit like Radiohead’s “KID A” and at times “Pablo Honey”. Innaway’s self titled album is a mix between the conventional in clean melodies with the occasional noise and strange sound effects that you wouldn’t expect to be there to begin with. Nonetheless, this is a pretty good album to chill out to after a long day of stress, this is perhaps the only way to listen to it without it seeming dull and boring. You can just put the headphones on and be entranced into their unique senses of rhythm and song structure and just take it easy. Innaway has a way of making the listener believe that they are in another world, a peaceful yet odd world that is very comfortable and wonderful. The album, although not one, has instrumental flow about it, and this “flow” is what this album has going for it, although.

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