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Futureheads, The - The Futureheads
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 2004

1. Le Garage
2. Robot
3. A To B
4. Decent Days And Nights
5. Meantime
6. Alms
7. Danger Of The Water
8. Carnival Kids
9. The City Is Here For You To Use
10. First Day
11. He Knows
12. Stupid And Shallow
13. Trying Not To Think About Time
14. Hounds Of Love
15. Man Ray

The Futureheads - Futureheads, The
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This band seems to be full of high energy and likes to break the monotony of its songs with quirky, offbeat, silly little interludes and whatnot, ranging from some that sound like doo-wop to just odd. I gave this album a listen and a half, thinking maybe I was too harsh on my initial listen, but then I had the painful realization that even though some of it has its merits, I just canít get passed the whole feel of the record, which is just not my thing. But of course if you like silly British pop-rock bands then maybe this will be the album for you.

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