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Esthero - Wikked Lil Girls (sampler)
Label: Reprise Records
Release: 2005

1. We R In Need of A Musical Revolution
2. Wikked Lil' Grrrls
3. Gone
4. If Tha Mood
5. Fastlane

Wikked Lil Girls (sampler) - Esthero
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The First Track on this sampler I received was called "we r in need of a musical revolution", who could disagree, right? Well, maybe Estheroro could take her own advice. The first track was pretty good, although mediocre, and the 2nd track "Wikked lil girls" was delightfully different with some 30's jazz feel but still keeping its run of the mill pop "integrity". The 3rd track, "gone" is the standard R&B love pop ballad, filled with many vocal overdub choruses, synth drums and finger picking guitars, and a rap by a guest appearance in the middle. The 4th Track is the angry woman who wants you to give her man back song and has a great groove, as does the last song on the CD. Although the first track emphasizes the need of a musical revolution and how Esthero is tired of all the same old stuff, she falls victim to it in a huge pile of irony, with this collection being as mundane as Ashanti she says she’s tired of hearing. There is nothing unique or different from this and any other mid-20s female pop star puts own nowadays, such as Joss Stone and Alicia Keys. Although maybe Alicia and Joss are a bit more established. At least Alicia Keys has some soul every now and then. Although having said this, I firmly think that this music in this collection is not bad at all, if you like average pop songs, it is easy on the ears and completely forgettable, so you won’t have to lose sleep over losing her CD, you can just load another pop CD into your player and get the same vibe that this one gives out.

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