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Fountains of Wayne - Out-of-State Plates
Label: Virgin Records
Release: 2005

Disc 1:
1. Number 45 Sunblock
2. Maureen
3. California Sex Lawyer
4. Janice's Party
5. Karpet King
6. Baby I've Changed
7. I Know You Well
8. You're Just Never Satisfied
9. I'll Do The Driving
10. Nightlight
11. I Want You Around
12. Trains & Boats & Planes
13. Places
14. Can't Get It Out Of My Head (Live)

Disc 2:
1. City Folk Morning
2. The Girl I Can't Forget
3. ...Baby One More Time
4. Elevator Up
5. Comedienne
6. Kid Gloves
7. Today's Teardrops
8. She's Got A Problem (Live)
9. These Days
10. I Want An Alien For Christmas
11. The Man In The Santa Suit
12. Chanukah Under The Stars
13. Killermont Street
14. Half A Woman
15. Small Favors
16. Imperia
Out-of-State Plates - Fountains of Wayne
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On Out-of-State plates, power-pop faves Fountains of Wayne have gathered b-sides, non-album tracks, and two new songs and put them in a collection that will be sure to excite not only long-time fans, but also newcomers as well.

Highlights include their infamous cover of Britney Spear's "...Baby One More Time" (which is a special treat for those of us who only had a rough, downloaded version all of these years), the new single "Maureen", the acoustic "Places", "California Sex Lawyer", "These Days", and the holiday song "I Want An Alien for Christmas".

If you're into catchy pop/rock, then this collection is sure to please.

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