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Good Life, The - Album of the Year
Label: Saddle Creek
Release: 2004

1. Album Of The Year
2. Night And Day
3. Under A Honeymoon
4. You're No Fool
5. Notes In His Pockets
6. You're Not You
7. October Leaves
8. Lovers Need Lawyers
9. Inmates
10. Needy
11. A New Friend
12. Two Years This Month
Album of the Year - Good Life, The
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Cursive front man Tim Kasher doesn't consider The Good Life to be a side project. Rather, he insists that he simply has two bands.

But don't get the mistaken idea that Album of the Year is simply another Cursive record. It's more of an album of heartfelt acoustic ballads about being in love... and losing that love.

The record is a concept album of sorts... each song represents a month in the year, and the blossoming and disintegration of relationships.

The album opens brilliantly with "Album of the Year", a tale about a romantic interest with the great lyrics "She said shed never seen someone so lost, I said Id never felt so found". Other highlights include "A New Friend", "Lover Need Lawyers", and "You're Not You".

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