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Lemonheads, The - It's a Shame About Ray
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 1992

1. Rockin Stroll
2. Confetti
3. It's A Shame About Ray
4. Rudderless
5. Buddy
6. The Turnpike Down
7. Bit Part
8. Alison's Starting To Happen
9. Hannah & Gabi
10. Kitchen
11. Ceiling Fan In My Spoon
12. Frank Mills
13. Mrs. Robinson
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1992's It's a Shame About Ray is The Lemonheads' strongest album, and proof that Evan Dando could be a good songwriter at times. Former girlfriend Juliana Hatfield's backing vocals are a welcome treat, and the cover of "Mrs Robinson" (included as a bonus track) actually isn't as bad as one might initally assume it would be.

The only problem with this album is Dando's trademark inconsistency. And while this album has more gems than his other albums ("Confetti", "It's a Shame About Ray", and "Bit Part" are great), it still has its share of cheesy songs that sound like he wasn't really even trying to write anything good ("Ceiling Fan In My Spoon", "Frank Mills").

While the album has its flaws, for the most part it's a catchy jangle pop album that fans of other 90s jangle pop artists such as The Posies and Matthew Sweet are sure to enjoy.

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