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Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals
Label: Interscope Records
Release: 1998

Great Big White World
The Dope Show
Mechanical Animals
Rock is Dead
Speed of Pain
I Want to Disappear
I Don't Like the Drugs(but the drugs like me)
New Model No. 15
User friendly
Fundamentally Loathesome
The Last Day on Earth
Coma White
Mechanical Animals - Marilyn Manson
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Marilyn Manson seemed to want to scare the hell out of and piss off suburbia with his first three releases: Portrait of an American Family, Smell Like Children, and Antichrist Superstar. Doing so, he gained a lot of fans in the 15-18 year old range, and pissed off a lot of parents and religious organizations worldwide. In 1998, he did something different though, he pissed off even his fans with Mechanical Animals. This is very admirable, since all of his fans were gloomy goths, and when Mechanical Animals hit stores, they either had to disown him or go out and buy bright clothing and makeup.

Manson's earlier attempts captured fear and religious accusation in every mouthful, but Mechanical Animals actually sounded different, it was almost glam rock, with songs like "New model no.15", "I don't like the drugs" and "The dope show", Mechanical Animals confused his young jaded fans, and thank god for it. It has an 80s feel to it, you can hear Joan Jett, The Knacks, and David Bowie in there somewhere. This album rocks, it's put together nicely, it sounds great, and sounds big compared to his other works. It's a concept album and one that is completely ripped off from Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, but here it's "Omega and The Mechanial Animals". But hey at least it's a Good ripoff, right? I recommend this album to Manson fans and Non-Manson fans alike, it seems to the album that even people who hate Marilyn Manson seem to be able to tolerate and even love!

Highlights - "Dope Show", "Fundamentally Loathesome", "Speed of Pain", "Coma White", "Posthuman"
Drawbacks - "Great Big White World", "I Want to Disappear"

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Marilyn Manson- Mechanical Animals

     Brian Warner. The name alone brings along a bevy of imagery. The Columbine murders, Ashton Tate, Charles Manson, and picket signs. Serving as America’s scapegoat for the past years hasn’t left Warner unscarred. But throughout all of the ordeals Marilyn Manson has somehow managed to prosper in the face of those who want to bring him down and continue to release quality albums.

     While traditionally Marilyn Manson is known as a heavy metal band, scoring thousands of new fans with singles such as the hell raising cover of “Sweet Dreams” and the church-baiting “The Beautiful People.” They spent years culminating the musical technique, which they used to produce by far their most well known effort, Antichrist Superstar. Debuting at number three on the Billboard charts, it was a high point for the band, and fit tightly with the albums three sectioned story and evolution.

     One would think that once Manson had achieved a formula that would sell record they would stick with it. However this is not so, Mechanical Animals is in many ways different then his latter albums but still bears some resemblance to his prior works in terms of songwriting. The depressing lyrics are still in tact and his voice is as always fantastic. The biggest change is with the band. Twiggy Ramirez handles all guitar and bass responsibilities on the album, and lends his hand at playing some other instruments as well.

     Signifying the change of pace on the album, Manson proclaims, “Rock is dead” on the track of the same name. With a drum beat which slightly resembles “The Beautiful People” at some points, a Kiss influence guitar riff, and a masterfully layered synthesizers samples, it sets a perfect backdrop for Manson to convey his feelings to his beloved music.

     However, the album hits its highpoint with the dreary “The Speed of Pain.” Here Warner delivers some of the most emotional lyrics of his career span. It’s with this song that you realize that Manson is fully capable of delivering music that is not shock rock, as his critics like to call it. With an exhausted voice he sings “when you want it, goes away to fast/ times you hate it, always seems to last/ just remember, when you think you’re free/ the crack inside your fucking heart is me.”

     While some tracks like “Posthuman,” “I Want To Disappear” and “New Model No. 15” seem out of place and take a while to digest, they do add some differential vibes to the album. Perhaps this is what keeps Manson’s albums from being perfect, the inability to create music along the same formula, and improper mixture of the tracks.

     Complaints aside, this is a very powerful album. The band finally seem confident in what they are doing and don’t hold anything back. The new electronic sounds and use of digital drums might turn some of his old fans off at first, but after some thorough listening people will see the brilliance of this album.

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