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Frank Black - Frank Black
Label: Elektra
Release: 1993

1. Los Angeles
2. I Heard Ramona Sing
3. Hang On To Your Ego
4. Fu Manchu
5. Places Named After Numbers
6. Czar
7. Old Black Dawning
8. Ten Percenter
9. Brackish Boy
10. Two Spaces
11. Tossed
12. Parry The Wind High, Low
13. Adda Lee
14. Every Time I Go Around Here
15. Don't Ya Rile Em
Frank Black - Frank Black
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He's not Black Francis anymore, folks! He's Frank Black! Get it?

Ok. Enough of that.

Anyways, on his first solo album after the demise of The Pixies, Frank Black offers up a solo album that really doesn't sound too much different from Trompe le Monde. And while this album features Black's trademark quirkiness, he really wouldn't come into his own as a solo artist until 1994's Teenager of the Year. Still, this album is a decent outting and bridges the gap between The Pixies and Black's solo career.

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