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Wilco - A Ghost Is Born
Label: Nonesuch Records
Release: 2004

1. At Least That's What You Said
2. Hell Is Chrome
3. Spiders (Kidsmoke)
4. Muzzle Of Bees
5. Hummingbird
6. Handshake Drugs
7. Wishful Thinking
8. Company In My Back
9. I'm A Wheel
10. Theologians
11. Less Than You Think
12. The Late Greats
A Ghost Is Born - Wilco
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How does a band create a follow-up to a monumental masterpiece such as 2002's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot? Wilco's answer to that is simple.... if the formula works, stick to it.

And that's exactly what they do on 2004's A Ghost Is Born. That's not to say that the album sounds exactly like Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but that it's more like a sequel. Sound collages and random noise? Check! Abstract lyrics? Check! Long instrumental breaks? Check!

While it may not be as revolutionary as Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, this is still a very good album that proves Wilco still isn't afraid to expirement.

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