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TV on the Radio - Desparate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
Label: Touch & Go Records
Release: 2004

1. The Wrong Way
2. Staring At The Sun
3. Dreams
4. King Eternal
5. Ambulance
6. Poppy
7. Don't Love You
8. Bomb Yourself
9. Wear You Out
Desparate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes - TV on the Radio
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TV on the Radio are one of those bands that defy stereotypes. The first time you see a picture of the group, you'll probably be inclined to think "An indie rock band with BLACK MEMBERS????!!!!! How can that be? I thought indie rock was for little depressed white kids from the suburbs! These guys don't look like Conor Oberst! What's the deal?"

Once the initial shock is over and you realize that music isn't about the color of one's skin, TV on the Radio's music can be enjoyed, because it's really good.

Lead singer Tunde Adepimbe pushes the limits of what should be said in rock lyrics. The first song on the album is evidence of this. He talks about life as an African American, and how he sees the mistakes being made by the culture around him. He exclaims, "Hey, desperate youth! Oh bloodthirsty babes! Oh your guns are pointed the wrong way." It's a truly stunning song, and a perspective that isn't often offered in music today... especially not by an indie rock group.

Throughout the rest of the album, Adepimbe and company (which also features Dave Sitek, who has worked with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) flow through a variety of lyrical themes and musical styles. From the noise pop of "Dreams" to the doo wop of "Ambulance", this album is one of a kind and something that shouldn't be missed. It's an album that changes any preconcieved notions one might have about what music should be, and who should create it.

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