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Xiu Xiu - La ForÍt
Label: 5 Rue Christine
Release: 2005

1. Clover
2. Muppet Face
3. Mousey Toy
4. Pox
5. Baby Captain
6. Saturn
7. Rose Of Sharon
8. Ale
9. Bog People
10. Dangerous You Shouldn't Be Here
11. Yellow Raspberry
La ForÍt - Xiu Xiu
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On their 2005 release, Xiu Xiu mixes all types of music, noise, and sounds. In doing so, they have constructed a haunting album that defies all musical boundaries and definitions.

It's really impossible to describe an album such as this in words... Is it post-punk? Is it post-rock? Is it noise pop? Is it indie rock? Is it folk? Is it classical? Is it synth pop? It's really a little of everything... and it's great. It really is.

My favorite songs on the album are "Pox", which showcases the band's post-punk influences and almost reminds me of Joy Division, and "Bog People", which is a noise rock anthem that would make Sonic Youth proud.

If you're into creative music... or good music... or both... you should check this album out. It's sure not to disappoint.

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