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Moody Blues - To Our Children's Children's Children
Label: Polygram Records
Release: 1969

Higher and Higher
Eyes of A Child, Part 1
Eyes of A Child, Part 2
I Never Thought I'd Live To Be A Hundred
Out And In
Eternity Road
Candle of Life
Sun is Still Shining
I Never Thought I'd Live To Be A Million
Watching And Waiting
To Our Children
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One of the most consistent bands of the late '60s and early '70s delivered their masterpiece here with this, one of the greatest records ever written. Every one of the members of the band writes a classic each, including everyone's least favourite drummer-cum-beatnik poet, Graeme Edge.

Graeme Edge's winner comes right at the start, with the smashing "Higher and Higher" - sure, the lyrics themselves are kind of what you'd expect from monsieur Edge, but it's set to a fantastic, fast-paced musical background. "Beyond" is another rocker, this time fully instrumental, running on some top-drawer Pindertron, and a cool riff. As usual, Edge supplies the concrete backbeat.

Hayward is Hayward, of course. Sentimental as hell, with a voice like an angel who just came down from heaven. He contributes a smasher in "Gypsy", another killer rocker with some more fantastic hooks. He has another two, the "I never thought i'd live to be a hundred/million" solo acoustics, which are probably throwaway, but good throwaway. They hardly destroy the album anyhow. And he also contributes to the album's best song - the sentimental "Watching and Waiting" with Ray Thomas. This song runs on fantastic, fantastic mellotron (as per usual) and Hayward's voice, which is simply angelic. The guy could certainly hold a tune - and he shows it here with extreme success, as the mellotron, bass and flute, not to mention the delicately-strummed acoustic, combine to create an aural landscape that closes out the album perfectly.

Prozac's foremost spokesperson and mellotron player extraordinaire Mike Pinder, contributes a great, dreary psychedelic number in side one closer "Out and In", and also hits the right notes with the excellent "Sun is Still Shining". And of course, when it comes to backing, he's peerless on the mellotron - no-one played like Pinder on this album, or on any of the other "Core 7" Moodies records. Lodge contributes some of his best works too - "Eyes of A Child" is probably the most well-known song on this album, with it's lazy psychedelic tone. The song's also good in a big rocking format, as evident on Part 2.

Thomas has a hand in the album's best song - the almighty "Watching and Waiting", while also contributing "Floating" to the pie, which is nice enough. As far as Moody Blues albums go, this one is easily their most consistent - it kicks off with a classic, and it doesn't let up until the very end. A 10 all the way - no contest. One of my favourites.

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serious contender for the moodies best album. it's also in the top 100 albums ever made. maybe top 20. not top ten though.

one huge plus on here is that graeme edge writes GREAT songs. his opening poem/rocker is hilarious (the poem is obviously toungue in cheek) and the song completely rocks, a rairity for the band. the rest of the songs ont eh album are deeply layered, with rich melodies and a great variety of instruments. and of course great singing. did i mention graeme edge does an INSTRUMENTAL?!?!?!?!?!?! and it also rocks and is a highlight?!?!?!?!? strange that when he finally came into his own as a band member, they made their best album.
you should own this. it's so beautiful i like love to sit and listen to it all the time.

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