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Cure, The - Wild Mood Swings
Label: Elektra
Release: 1996

1. Want
2. Club America
3. This Is A Lie
4. The 13th
5. Strange Attraction
6. Mint Car
7. Jupiter Crash
8. Round & Round & Round
9. Gone!
10. Numb
11. Return
12. Trap
13. Treasure
14. Bare
Wild Mood Swings - Cure, The
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The 90s weren't a good decade for The Cure. After 1989's phenomenal Disintegration, the band kind of sunk into a slump of mediocrity for a few records.

The lowpoint of their career was 1996's Wild Mood Swings. While it has a few good songs ("Mint Car", "The 13th", "Trap", "Strange Attraction"), there's way too many filler tracks on the album. Thankfully the band returned to excellence with 2000's Bloodflowers, because it would have been a shame for such a great band to end on such a sour note.

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