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Built to Spill - Live
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 2000

1. The Plan (live)
2. Randy Described Eternity (live)
3. Stop The Show (live)
4. Virginia Reel Around the Fountain (live)
5. Cortez The Killer (live)
6. Car (live)
7. Singing Sores Make Perfect Swords (live)
8. I Would Hurt A Fly (live)
9. Broken Chairs (live)
Live - Built to Spill
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Half Stephen Malkmus, half Neil Young.... that's how Built to Spill frontman comes off on their exceptional live album.

While his trademark hooks and quirky lyrics are abundant on this fine release, Martsch isn't afraid to show off his guitar playing skills either. A superb cover of Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer" that clocks in at over 20 minutes might sound a little too guitar-jammy for most indie rock fans, but Martsch somehow pulls it off with style.

Other highlights of the album include live versions of Built to Spill classics "The Plan", "Car", and "Randy Described Eternity".

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