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E - Broken Toy Shop
Label: Universal
Release: 1993

1. Shine It All On
2. Standing At The Gate
3. The Only Thing I Care About
4. Manchester Girl
5. L.A. River
6. A Most Unpleasant Man
7. Mass
8. Tomorrow I'll Be Nine
9. The Day I Wrote You Off
10. Someone To Break The Spell
11. She Loves A Puppet
12. My Old Raincoat
13. Permanent Broken Heart
14. Eight Lives Left
Broken Toy Shop - E
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On his second (and final) solo effort before forming Eels, E does a good job of bridging the gap between the light-hearted 60s pop sound of his first solo release to the dark and quirky cynicism of his first album with The Eels.

And while in retrospect this album can be seen as a necessary step between the two, it really isn't as good as anything else E has released. Die-hard Eels fans may want the album, but for people new to the band it is an avoidable piece of Mr. E history.

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