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E - A Man Called (E)
Label: Universal
Release: 1992

1. Hello Cruel World
2. Fitting In With The Misfits
3. Are You & Me Gonna Happen
4. Looking Out The Window With A Blue Hat On
5. Nowheresville
6. Symphony For Toy Piano In G Minor
7. Mockingbird Franklin
8. I've Been Kicked Around
9. Pray
10. E's Tune
11. You'll Be The Scarecrow
A Man Called (E) - E
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Before forming The Eels in the mid-1990s, Mark Oliver Everett (known as "E") released two solo albums in the early 90s. While his solo records are similar to The Eels, they have a lighter, 60s pop sound that isn't as prevalant on his albums with The Eels.

His 1992 debut, A Man Called (E), is a great album that draws heavy influence from classic singer/songwriters like Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney. Highlights include "Hello Cruel World" and "You'll Be the Scarecrow".

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