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Eels - Souljacker
Label: Dreamworks Records
Release: 2001

1. Dog Faced Boy
2. That's Not Really Funny
3. Fresh Feeling
4. Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
5. Souljacker Part I
6. Friendly Ghost
7. Teenage Witch
8. Bus Stop Boxer
9. Jungle Telegraph
10. World Of Shit
11. Souljacker Part II
12. What Is This Note

Rotten World Blues (bonus EP)
1. I Write The B-Sides
2. Hidden Track
3. Jehovah's Witness
4. Rotten World Blues
Souljacker - Eels
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On their 2001 release, The Eels rock out a little louder than on previous releases. This makes for a good album, but it doesn't quite compare to their earlier work.

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