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Blur - Blur
Label: Virgin Records
Release: 1997

1. Beetlebum
2. Song 2
3. Country Sad Ballad Man
4. M.O.R.
5. On Your Own
6. Theme From Retro
7. You're So Great
8. Death Of A Party
9. Chinese Bombs
10. I'm Just A Killer For Your Love
11. Look Inside America
12. Strange News From Another Star
13. Movin' On
14. Essex Dogs
Blur - Blur
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Drawing heavy influence from American indie rock artists like Pavement and Beck, Blur's 1997 release is like nothing they've done before.

From the punky "Song 2" to the acoustic strumming of "You're So Great", this is a very diverse album that proves Blur wasn't just another Brit-pop group set to fade into obscurity.

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