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R.E.M. - Up
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1998

1. Airportman
2. Lotus
3. Suspicion
4. Hope
5. At My Most Beautiful
6. The Apologist
7. Sad Professor
8. You're In The Air
9. Walk Unafraid
10. Why Not Smile
11. Daysleeper
12. Diminished
13. Parakeet
14. Falls To Climb
Up - R.E.M.
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After founding member Bill Berry left R.E.M. in 1997, many fans wondered if the band could survive. Fortunately, they did.

On 1998's Up, their first album with Berry, R.E.M. made an album like nothing they had done before. Drum machines, keyboards, and electronic instruments are featured on the album.

Despite the changes, Up is still a beautiful album. Michael's lyrics and singing are better than ever, and for the first time the lyrics to the songs are actually included in the album booklet.

Highlights include "Diminished", "At My Most Beautiful", and "Hope".

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