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Spacehog - Resident Alien
Label: Elektra
Release: 1995

1. In The Meantime
2. Spacehog
3. Starside
4. Candyman
5. Space Is The Place
6. Never Coming Down (Part I)
7. Cruel To Be Kind
8. Ship Wrecked
9. Only A Few
10. The Last Dictator
11. Never Coming Down (Part II)
12. Zeroes
13. To Be A millionaire....Was It Likely?
Resident Alien - Spacehog
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I'll have to admit... I still think "In the Meantime", the opening track from Spacehog's 1995 album Resident Alien is a great song. If only I could say the same for the rest of the album.

While this neo-glam group obviously has some great influences, they don't build open them well. The songs seem forced, and the songwriting is mediocre at best.

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