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Tripping Daisy - I Am an Elastic Firecraker
Label: Polygram Records
Release: 1995

1. Rocketpop
2. Bang
3. I Got A Girl
4. Piranha
5. Motivation
6. Same Dress New Day
7. Trip Along
8. Raindrop
9. Step Behind
10. Noose
11. Prick
12. High
I Am an Elastic Firecraker - Tripping Daisy
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I remember reading an article once where the reviewer referred to Tripping Daisy as "the bastard child of Jane's Addiction and Weezer". And to be honest, that's not too far off.

You may already know of Tim Delaughter.... he now fronts The Polyphonic Spree. But before he put on a robe, he was putting out some great mid-90s alternative rock. I am An Elastic Firecracker is evidence of this. From the neo-psychedelia of "Trip Along" and "Motivation" to the post-grunge catchiness of "I Got a Girl" and "Piranha", this album will want to party like it's 1995.

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