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Pearl Jam - Lost Dogs
Label: Sony
Release: 2003

Disc 1:
1. All Night
2. Sad
3. Down
4. Hitchhiker
5. Don't Gimme No Lip
6. Alone
7. In The Moonlight
8. Education
9. Black, Red, Yellow
10. You
11. Leavin Here
12. Gremmie Out Of Control
13. Whale Song
14. Undone
15. Hold On
16. Yellow Ledbetter

Disc 2:
1. Fatal
2. Other Side
3. Hard To Imagine
4. Footsteps
5. Wash
6. Dead Man
7. Strangest Tribe
8. Drifting
9. Let Me Sleep
10. Last Kiss
11. Sweet Lew
12. Dirty Frank
13. Brother
14. Bee Girl
Lost Dogs - Pearl Jam
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Like many other rock music fans who were in junior high and high school in the 1990s, I used to be a huge Pearl Jam fan. I owned every album from Ten to Yield, as well as a handful of singles.

By the time the year 2000 came around, however, and I was starting college my musical taste was changing a little bit. I still kept my old Pearl Jam albums, but I never purchased 2000's Binaural.

Fast forward to 2003: I heard that Pearl Jam was releasing a two disc set of b-sides and rarities. Although I hadn't listened to them much in a few years, I knew I had to have this set for classics like "Yellow Ledbetter". So I bought the album, and discovered Pearl Jam all over again.

Sure, the album has a few subpar tracks, but doesn't every b-sides and rarities collection? And the good definitely outweighs the bad, with songs spanning their entire career. If you're a former Pearl Jam fan, or a current one, this collection is definitely a must.

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