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Jeremy Enigk - Return of the Frog Queen
Label: Sub Pop
Release: 1996

1. Abegail Anne
2. Return Of The Frog Queen
3. Lewis Hollow
4. Lizard
5. Carnival
6. Call Me Steam
7. Explain
8. Shade And The Black Hat
9. Fallen Heart
Return of the Frog Queen - Jeremy Enigk
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After disbanding Sunny Day Real Estate and becoming a born-again Christian, Jeremy Enigk released Return of the Frog Queen for Sub Pop in 1996.

On his solo debut, Enigk trades in the crushing anthems of his former band for a lush orchestral pop sound. In fact, the album even features a full orchesta.

While the album may not be quite what Sunny Day Real Estate fans might expect, it's still a great 60's-influenced pop record.

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