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King Crimson - Lizard
Label: Caroline Records
Release: 1970

Indoor Games
Happy Family
Lady of the Dancing Water
---i. Prince Rupert Awakes
---ii. Bolero (A Peacock's Tale
---iii. The Battle of Glass Tears
-----a. Dawn Song
-----b. Last Skirmish
-----c. Prince Rupert's Lament
---iv. Big Top
Lizard - King Crimson
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Fripp makes his first exploration into new sounds here, and as such this album features
several attempts to find a sound. Some work, and some don't.

The majority of side 1 doesn't work - "Indoor Games" is nice enough, but not that memorable,
"Happy Family", mainly thanks to the pitiful Haskell on vocals, is poor, and "Lady of the
Dancing Water" is decent, but nowhere near "Cadence and Cascade", let alone "I Talk To The

Side 2 is taken up entirely by the title track, KC's only foray into the side-long epic. Again,
some parts work and some parts don't. "Prince Rupert Awakes" is only really saved by Jon
Anderson's guest vocals, but it's alright - and the "Bolero" is the best part, although a bit
long. The majority of the suite is taken up by "The Battle of Glass Tears", an utterly uneven,
but ridiculously heavy instrumental. It works in a way - it represents a battle, and the song
is pretty much a mess. But it's overshadowed by the best part of the entire suite - Fripp
comes out of the wreckage and plays a storming guitar solo, which becomes "Prince Rupert's
Lament". "Big Top" is a simple, throwaway ending to the suite and album.

"Lizard" isn't as terrible as people often make it out to be, but it's still not that strong,
bar parts of the suite and "Cirkus". It could have been a lot better, but for an album that
is pretty much a failure, it's still half-decent, so it's worth a 6.

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