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Built to Spill - The Normal Years
Label: K Records
Release: 1996

1. So & So So & So From Wherever Wherever
2. Shortcut
3. Car
4. Some Things Last A Long Time
5. Girl
6. Joyride
7. Some
8. Sick And Wrong
9. Still Flat
10. Terrible/Perfect

The Normal Years - Built to Spill
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This 1996 collection of odds and ends will really only impress hardcore BTS fans. Most of the songs are in bad audio quality, and none of them compare to anything from any of Built to Spill's studio albums.

There are a few highlights here ("Some Things Last a Long Time" and "Joyride"), but for the most part this collection will just collect dust while you listen to the greatness of Keep It Like a Secret and There's Nothing Wrong with Love.

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