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Buffalo Tom - Sleepy Eyed
Label: Beggars Banquet Us
Release: 1995

1. Tangerine
2. Summer
3. Kitchen Door
4. Rules
5. It's You
6. When You Discover
7. Sunday Night
8. Your Stripes
9. Sparklers
10. Clobbered
11. Sundress
12. Twenty-Points
13. Souvenir
14. Crueler

Sleepy Eyed - Buffalo Tom
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On their 1995 release, jangle pop heroes Buffalo Tom deliver a solid album of catchy tunes. From the goofy ("Tangerine" and "Kitchen Door"), to the introspective ("Sunday Night" and "Summer"), Buffalo Tom deliver an album that will remind you of warm summer evenings and cold winter nights... all within about an hour.

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