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Whiskeytown - Pneumonia
Label: Lost Highway
Release: 2001

1. The Ballad Of Carol Lynn
2. Don't Wanna Know Why
3. Jacksonville Skyline
4. Reasons To Lie
5. Don't Be Sad
6. Sit & Listen To The Rain
7. Under Your Breath
8. Mirror, Mirror
9. Paper Moon
10. What The Devil Wanted
11. Crazy About You
12. My Hometown
13. Easy Hearts
14. Bar Lights

Pneumonia - Whiskeytown
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Whiskeytown's 2001 release Pneumonia is one of my favorite albums of all time, and definitely one of the greatest alternative country records ever released.

On this amazing album, Ryan Adams and company sing folky songs about the heartland, and the heart. From the poetic greatness of "Sit & Listen to the Rain" to the sad vibes of "Under Your Breath", this album is definitely worth a listen.

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