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King Crimson - Islands
Label: Caroline Records
Release: 1971

Formentera Lady
A Sailor's Tale
The Letters
Ladies of the Road
Prelude - Song of the Gulls
Islands - King Crimson
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King Crimson, unfortunately, take another step down with this album, which, rather than being a
failed experiment, was just plain average. Only two great songs exist here - the title track,
and "Sailor's Tale"

"Sailor's Tale" is a brutal, fast-moving jazzy piece that comes out of the boring and over-long
"Formentera Lady". It features one of Fripp's most original guitar solos, and some brilliant
mellotron, sax and drums. It really kicks, basically. The title track and album closer,
succeeds where Formentera Lady failed. It creates a relaxing, dream-like atmosphere with the
horns, and mainly thanks to the mellotron finale, it just pips "Sailor's Tale" to the post for
best song on the album.

The others? Well, I already talked about "Formentera Lady", "The Letters" is a pompous, annoying
and over-dramatic rehash of the 1969 band's live smasher "Drop In", and it's a good example to
use for anyone who argues that Boz Burrell was the worst singer that King Crimson ever had.
"Ladies of the Road" would be an utter classic, in the hands of Led Zeppelin. But King Crimson
are not good at that sort of song, and it shows - it's a durge. "Prelude" is nice enough and
short enough to be called good, although nothing really happens in the song, but it serves well
as an introduction to "Islands"

The album gets a 5, thanks to the two KC greats that were mentioned above. Otherwise, this album
is generally pretty dull and lifeless. It's no wonder that after the subsequent tour, Fripp
decided to sack his writing partner, Peter Sinfield, and then sack the entire band, leaving him
as the sole member of King Crimson.

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