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Dishwalla - And You Think You Know What Life's About
Label: A&M Records
Release: 1998

1. Stay Awake
2. Once In A While
3. Bottom Of The Floor
4. Healing Star
5. Until I Wake Up
6. 5 Star Day
7. Truth Serum
8. So Blind
9. Gone Upside Down
10. So Much Time
11. Bridge Song
12. Pop Guru

And You Think You Know What Life
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This is a really touching album filled with some power ballad-like rock songs but not so bad to the point of being cheesy like hair band power ballad songs. This album was Dishwalla's 2nd release and paled in commercial comparison to their first release "pet your friends" but I believe that it was much better. If at least one of these songs doesn't touch you, you much have ice in your veins because this is a very emotional record. Perhaps Dishwalla are best at this kind of music, and it is better to stick with what you know than venture into the unknown. Either way, this is a sincere album, filled with heartache, betrayal, and sadness, but at the end of the darkness, there seems to be a light and a glimpse of hope. It ends strangely with "Pop Guru", the heaviest track on the album. What a strange way to end!

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