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Better Than Ezra - How does your Garden Grow?
Label: Elektra
Release: 1998

1. Je Ne M'en Souviens Pas
2. One More Murder
3. At The Stars
4. Like It Like That
5. Allison Foley
6. Under You
7. Live Again
8. Happy Day Mama
9. Pull
10. Particle
11. Beautiful Mistake
12. Everything In 2's
13. New Kind Of Low: Low/Coma
14. Waxing Or Waning?

How does your Garden Grow? - Better Than Ezra
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Better than Ezra got swept up in the "add some electronic elements" craze that swept most rock band's albums in 1997-2000. For most of the bands, this had disastrous affects and caused many fans to leave with a sour taste in their mouths. This album however was a masterpiece. Out of all their albums, this is definitely my favorite. The electronic/pop rock hybrid feels this entire album works well for both the band and the songs. Few fans I knew of were upset about the "new sound". The rock on this album is strong, strong enough to dismiss any sellingoutness that is thought of by the keyboards and synth-like drums this album encompasses. Better than Ezra proved that you can have it all, you can do what the hell you want to musically, and still not betray your roots. They are definitely a band that has both roots and wings, but they neither relish in the earth nor do they soar so high they can't see where they used to be.

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