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Better Than Ezra - Friction, Baby
Label: Elektra
Release: 1996

1. King Of New Orleans
2. Rewind
3. Long Lost
4. Normal Town
5. Scared Are You?
6. Return Of The Post Moderns
7. Hung The Moon
8. Desperately Wanting
9. Still Life With Cooley
10. WWOZ
11. Happy Endings
12. Speeding Up To Slow Down
13. At Ch. Degaulle, Etc.

Friction, Baby - Better Than Ezra
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Friction, Baby really isn't different from Better Than Ezra's previous release, perhaps more promoted since their status as a college band escalated into a full-blown rock band. Friction, Baby is a great continuation from Deluxe, and listening to them back to back, you would almost swear they were one double album.

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