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Bush - Sixteen Stone
Label: MCA Records
Release: 1994

1. Everything Zen
2. Swim
3. Bomb
4. Little Things
5. Comedown
6. Body
7. Machinehead
8. Testosterone
9. Monkey
10. Glycerine
11. Alien
12. X-Girlfriend

Sixteen Stone - Bush
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No band received more criticism in the Post-Nirvana Grunge World more than Bush. They were accused of copycat stylings, from music to lyrics. Some of these accusations were far-fetched and a little ridiculous, and some were true. As their debut, "Sixteen Stone" won them many fans. many fans who were called posers by other, more hardcore grungeaholics who were all wearing $100 flannel shirts and sporting the same haircuts, funny how most of them were accusing Bush of fakery and imitation. Sixteen Stone, anyway you look at it, is a good start to a good career for this band. The band may have received commercial attention for a familiar sound, but I believe it was well deserved. It is a strong album with many singles and many other songs that could have been singles. It is a definite good addition to your collection of 90s rock, or just rock in general.

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