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Peaches - The Teaches of Peaches
Label: Xl / Beggars Us Ada
Release: 2000

1. Fuck The Pain Away
3. Rock Show
4. Set It Off
5. Cum Undun
6. Diddle My Skittle
7. Hot Rod
8. Lovertits
9. Suck And Let Go
10. Sucker
11. Felix Partz

The Teaches of Peaches - Peaches
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Peaches is one of those artists that is like a train wreck, you really don't believe what you're hearing...Low-fi Roland beat boxes in back of lyrics like "sucking on my titties cause you wanted me calling me all the time". Once you get past the initial Shock, the "teaches of peaches" has a few memorable songs and some really good grooves, but the majority of the album is just beats with ambient white noise and lazy guitar riffs. Peaches is an artist like no other, and perhaps you have to give this CD a few listens to really appreciate the beauty of it, the beauty in that it is painfully simple and naughty. The Teaches of Peaches will teach you to learn to love the minimalist approach.

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