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Cure, The - The Cure
Label: Geffen
Release: 2004

1. Lost
2. Labyrinth
3. Before Three
4. The End Of The World
5. Anniversary
6. Us Or Them
7. Alt.End
8. (I Don't Know What's Going) On...
9. Taking Off
10. Never
11. The Promise
The Cure - Cure, The
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The Cure offers a mixes gloom and darkness with light pop, and does it surprisingly well. Songs like "Lost" and "The Promise" sound like they could fit on a modern version of Pornography, while pop gems like "The End of the World" could easily fit into the bouncy pop of The Head on the Door.

While The Cure may never reach the greatness of their glory days, this album proves that they can still produce music that means something.

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