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Various Artists - Dimension Mix: Innovative Music CD to Benefit Cure Autism Now
Label: Eenie Meenie Records
Release: 2005

1. Funky Lil' Song - Beck
2. Mudra - Stereolab
3. I'm Bruce (Dimension 5 Mega Mix) - Fantastic Plastic Machine
4. Liza Jane - Apples in Stereo
5. Spiders - Money Mark
6. Popcorn - Tipsy
7. Jelly Dancers - Eels
8. School 4 Robots - Brother Cleue
9. Catfish - Oranger
10. Walking Eagle - Anubian Lights
11. Army Ants In Your Pants - Irving
12. Soul Transportation - DJ Me DJ You
13. Abracadabra - From Bubblegum to Sky
14. Listen - Chris Cachulis
15. African Lullaby - Geoffrey Owen & Mary C
16. Upside Down - Blue-Eyed Son
17. Rain Of Earth - The Stones Throw Singers
18. Nothing To Do - Danielson Famile

Dimension Mix: Innovative Music CD to Benefit Cure Autism Now - Various Artists

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It is always good when artists come together for charity, it is not always good when they compile a string of songs that are weak, annoying and specifically bad in general. With happy hardcore calamities, electronica gone horribly wrong and folk pop having a sesame street vibe to it, this CD lacks in just about every musical category. The material here is scattered, doesn't flow well and the listener would hope. This Cd may be worth to buy it just for the fact that it goes to a reputable and worthwhile charity, and would make a nice coaster for your coffee table rather than an addition to your musical collection.

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