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Modest Mouse - Building Nothing out of Something
Label: Up
Release: 2000

Never ending math equation
Interstate 8
Workin' on leavin' the livin'
All nite diner
Baby Blue Sedan
A Life of arctic sounds
Grey Ice Water
Whenever you breath out, I breath in (postive negative)
Other People's Lives
Building Nothing out of Something - Modest Mouse
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my long running beef with Modest Mouse is that although they make fantastic music, they also make ridiculously long winded albums… typically they measure in at some 15 tracks and 75 minutes… and considering Modest Mouse is an art-pop band that is constantly trying to say something, it is a real tragedy that they have never pulled off succinctness or brevity in their grand albumic statements. That said, Building Nothing out of Something is a singles compilation and it stands as Modest Mouse’s most consistently good, straight forward and listenable release.

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