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Modest Mouse - The Moon and Antarctica
Label: Sony
Release: 2000

3rd Planet
Gravity Rides Everything
Dark Center of the Universe
Perfect Desguise
Tiny Cities made of Ashes
A different City
The Cold Part
Alone down there
The Stars are projectors
Wild Pack of Family Dogs
Paper thin walls
I came as a rat
life like weeds
What People are made of
The Moon and Antarctica - Modest Mouse
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At the core of modest mouse is a pop band, one intent on singing about the more profound issues of life (and death as the case may be), but a pop band none the less, they a mix between the Talking Heads and the Pixies (the most parallels between the Pixies and MM sound is most apparent on MM’s fantastic “lonesome crowded west” which not only is a fantastic album name, but a fantastic album) with a pretentious self indulgent flair of seriousness that neither of the other bands has… that’s to say, they’re really good… but as an indie fan I am required by law to say that their newer, more successful album isn’t as good as their older, more elitist friendly material. They ARE technically Emo, but one must understand that this was when Emo meant something more than whiny teenagers singing about girlfriends while looking good and wearing tight pants, no, in all technical aspects Emo is a form of music that evolved out of the post-Regan (and subsequently post-political) punk rock era. Diatribes about capitalism gone awry seemed to catch less attention than the existential questions of ones self in this consumer world that arose out of them, in essence, it takes the leftist politics and applies them to more human situations… Modest Mouse certainly does this… and fucking well!

Buried somewhere in these 15 tracks is Modest Mouse’s definitive statement. The statement being, as best I can tell, the erosion of identity and meaning in this consumer driven world, it’s an album about god and life and death and loneliness and isolation and meaninglessness… and all those things that always seem to come up when you question our modern world.

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