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Collective Soul - From The Ground Up
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 2005

1. Compliment
2. Youth
3. December
4. Perfect To Stay
5. Under Heaven's Skies
6. She Said
7. Counting the Days
8. Satellite
From The Ground Up - Collective Soul
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Collective Soul has gotten progressively worse over the past few albums, and this acoustic album fails to end their streak of 'okay' albums. Is "From The Ground Up" simply another way to make extra spending money? Probably. Does it have a few good tracks amongst it? Yes. Is the album worth picking up? No.

Sometimes, I really wish I were important enough to get to meet these guys, and sit down with them and remind them of how good they once were - and insist that they get back to that. So, while reviewing this CD, I am going to hope that for some reason one of them come to Blamo and look for reviews of their CD's.

This goes out to Collective Soul:
"Come on guys! Get it together!"

I figure that that also expresses my opinion about this album, as well as the past few.

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