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Kate Bush - The Sensual World
Label: Sony
Release: 1989

The Sensual World
Love And Anger
The Fog
Reaching Out
Heads We're Dancing
Deeper Understanding
Between A Man And A Woman
Never Be Mine
Rocket's Tail
This Woman's Work

The Sensual World - Kate Bush
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our years after Hounds of Love became the greatest album of all time, Kate introduced her fans to the Sensual World, her latest work, a fantastic collection of songs, and her most feminine record to date. It might not be the greatest album ofall time, but it comes extremely close to both Hounds of Love and The Dreaming.

The album kicks off with the staggering title track, a wonderful, catchy piece with some great backing from Celticinstruments. The song is one of the album's best - it rides along on a wave, and it takes you along. From that, we go tothe irresistible "Love and Anger", a great pop song, with David Gilmour guesting on guitar...a great chorus on this one.We then go to the more epic "Fog" - yet another winner, with some beautiful sounds, building up to magical crescendos.

"Reaching Out" follows, a quiet-loud ballad, with another fantastic chorus section. The comedic "Heads We're Dancing"follows - a song about dinner with Adolf Hitler, with another incredible melody line, and some good viola playing near theend by Nigel Kennedy - a good one to close out the first side. As good as the first side is - filled to the brim withcatchy songs and excellent melodies, it doesn't match up to the second.

Side 2 starts off with the slow "Deeper Understanding", a song about a woman who is hopelessly in love with her computer.It's in this one that we hear the Trio Bulgarka for the first time - a group of Bulgarian folk singers who make an incredible contribution to the album. This song's a very nice ballad. Next up is the funky "Between A Man And A Woman" which is led by Kate's brilliant vocal melodies, and a massive beat. Kate's currently on 7 for 7 as far as this albumgoes, and she is on fire - but she saves her best for the last three songs.

The next song is one of her finest ballads, the amazing "Never Be Mine"...this song features another fantastic Celtic arrangement in the chorus, courtesy of Davey Spilliane, and more Trio Bulgarka vocal backing, the chorus is excellent, andso far on this album, the Trio Bulgarka have been wonderful - really contributing to both of the songs that they guest on.However, it doesn't prepare you for their third appearance.

The next song is the unreal, and utterly unbelievable "Rocket's Tail" - easily the best song on the album, and one of thebest songs Kate has ever written. The song starts with just vocals, as the Trio Bulgarka sing a mournful line, and Katesings some of her greatest lyrics. Finally, as the song comes to the line "Then with the fuse in my hand...and now, shooting into the night", David Gilmour steps up to the plate on the guitar, and the song quite simply, does just that - like a Rocket, it shoots off into the stratosphere.

The song never stops flying - and as we come to the amazing final section, it simply goes to heaven. Kate sings her lyricswith such power, as the Trio Bulgarka hammer a home a crashing vocal line. David Gilmour, playing some of his greatest everguitar, flies along with them, as the song heads forward to an almighty crescendo, when finally Kate sings "Hey, look at mego, look at me", screams out the final words and the song explodes with a final, diving Bulgarka line. And all in four minutes. Only "Breathing" beats this song in the Kate catalogue - it's that brilliant. What a song.

After a song of such intensity, we can only go to the piano, and Kate duly obliges by supplying one of her greatest piano songs in "This Woman's Work"...from the opening "oh-ohh-oh's" to the amazing chorus, and some wonderful lyrics, it's trulyoutstanding, and an incredible way to close out a classic record.

A definite 10 - this album is one of the greatest of all-time. Utter genius throughout, but especially on "Rocket's Tail" -simply outstanding. What a great album.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

a perfectly beautiful album. kate's melody writing is tops here, and this album lives up to it's title. it's COMPLETELY sensual,a nd a great listen.

it's hard to describe this album, becasue it's very much a song cycle, and the songs are similar. the title track is great, and features a bullwhip as the main rhytmn idea!!!!!!

deeper understanding is about a person being completely in lvoe with their computer... oh boy i relate to that. *has sex with computer*

oops wrong kind of love.

rocket's tail has some great vocal weirdness, and some searing guitar work by dave "gilmour" gilmour. some people (blake) say this is his best guitar solo, and it's probably close to being right. i do prefer some earlier pink floyd solo's he did, but i don't want to debate solo's and taht crap because i don't feel like it jasdl;f ja;l 32u;l4i j;slfk ja;sof8 ays;dof ajs;dlfk ajs;dlf89uew;l ra;lisdf jas;dl fja;lsdf ja;lsdf david.

this is the only kate bush album they sell at my FYE.

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