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Pearl Jam - Binaural
Label: Sony
Release: 2000

1. Breakerfall
2. Gods' Dice
3. Evacuation
4. Light Years
5. Nothing As It Seems
6. Thin Air
7. Insignificance
8. Of The Girl
9. Grievance
10. Rival
11. Sleight Of Hand
12. Soon Forget
13. Parting Ways

Binaural - Pearl Jam
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This is probably the least interesting Pearl Jam album to date. The songs are stale, boring, and bland. It has its moments but altogether, Binaural is an utter disappointment. The lackluster songs have a tendency to go in one ear and out the other, and being completely forgettable. Every artist reaches their breaking point where they get dried up and should just remember the good times and how much great music they had, and this is indeed that moment for Pearl Jam.

Thanks for the great songs, guys! Now please stop making crappy ones!

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